no touching junk in Canada

Airport theatre in Canada is currently far less intrusive than in the States. And it’s going to stay that way.

That’s one reason to fly via a Canadian airport, rather than an American, if you can.

Transport Minister Chuck Strahl announced ….

… the government will not institute aggressive U.S.-style pat-downs. He also said the full body-scan machines Canada is using “do not pose the same health risk [as those in the United States] because they use a millimetre wave technology rather than X-ray technology.”

“So passenger security is extremely important, and our government is committed to balancing that by ensuring that passengers are treated respectfully and properly,” he said….

Globe and Mail

The oddest part of the story is the sound bite the opposition leader gave the press:

“People touch my private parts all day long,” Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff told reporters when asked about the U.S. situation and Mr. Strahl’s announcement.

Mr. Ignatieff noted that his job requires that he practically live in airports, and he accepts the security measures.

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