… if the terrorist threat is so real, why are soft targets like shopping malls not blowing up every week?

A true terrorist would simply bypass flying and blow up soft civilian targets. If Al Qaeda are so prevalent, and the war on terror is real, then why are Al Qaeda wasting their time smuggling bombs on to airplanes?

There are so many soft targets that could do far more economic damage. …

War Tard

the Israeli Airport Security Model won’t scale

… no matter how safe or how wonderful the flying experience on El Al, it is TINY airline by U.S. standards, with only 38 aircraft, 46 destinations, and fewer than two million passengers in 2008. As near as I can tell, Cairo is their only destination in a majority Muslim country. Delta, before the Northwest merger is included, reported 449 aircraft and 375 destinations. …

By American standards, in terms of passengers served, Ben Gurion is a busy regional airport.

Simply put, the Israeli airport security model does not scale.

Schneier on Security

Still, there are some features of the successful Israeli model that could be used world-wide. Anything is a better investment than porno-scanners.

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